PFAS are often referred to as the “forever chemical” and some of them fall under the EU persistent organic pollutants (POPs) regulations. Due to their toxicity along with their environmental persistence, they present not only a considerable threat to numerous natural environments but also a huge challenge for site owners, authorities and policymakers. The last of these issues mainly arises because so many PFAS - several thousand - appeared on the market and were released into the environment. That number is unmanageably large and some of the properties of the individual substances can differ considerably.

This is also the reason why e.g. sampling procedures, analytical methods and parameters and eventually therelevant legislation are complex and still under permanent development. Particularly if you are facing a PFAS-related issue at your site, it is crucial to have an expert and experienced partner at your side who always has an overview of this complex situation and who can develop tailor-made solutions.

Tailor-made solutions

At TAUW, we keep track of the legislation both at the European level and in your country. PFAS-related legislation and guidelines can occur in a variety of legislative fields, e.g. chemicals, waste, water and soil. Our environmental specialists and engineers are experienced in planning and carrying out site assessments at sites contaminated with PFAS and in designing remediation projects to meet compliance levels for the soil, surface water and groundwater. Strict compliance with the levels of PFAS allowed in soil and groundwater causes issues in remediation, safety, transporting soil to treatment facilities and obtaining permits for new projects. TAUW has experience working with PFAS projects, ranging from standard soil surveys to customized projects for your specific wishes.

Capability statement | PFAS

TAUW offers a wide variety of services for PFAS in several fields. We have already collaborated with a diverse group of clients, including industrial companies, water authorities, governmental bodies and developers (due diligence) to get answers to their specific PFAS questions and problems. Find out more about our solutions in our capability statement.

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PFAS expert team

We have a large team of dedicated experts who help develop a vital living environment by offering sustainable solutions. PFAS is one of the main strategic thrusts within TAUW. The international in-house group of PFAS experts follows new information about PFAS, such as academic studies and legislative developments. In this community, we combine strong expertise with valuable partnerships.

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