“Sustainability is not a product”

Towards sustainable organisations

Sustainability has become inevitable. It also discloses unprecedented opportunities for business and organisational developments. Taking sustainability, social and environmental impacts into account is an essential strategic element of successful business operations. Think of climate solutions, water and energy management issues, employee welfare, and much more. The relevance and severity of these issues should not be neglected. That is why companies need reliable partners with global expertise and local knowledge.

Tauw will help you formulate clear policies and strategic objectives. We advise on the implementation of sustainability in business models and create practical solutions. We help our customers turn their organisation into a sustainably operating company. This brings enormous benefits in terms of profit, reputation, efficiency and acceptance.

Sustainability is our business 

In 2015, a planet-wide framework regarding sustainability was set by the adoption of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) offering a roadmap towards 2030. Establishing these goals, requires action and innovative solutions. Sustainability is not a product. It is a way of thinking and a practical concept. That is why sustainability is part of everything we do and reflected in our services. These include (but are not limited to) aspects such as:

Your future-proof guide for sustainable solutions

It is our mission to deliver 'sustainable solutions for a better environment' and naturally we live up to this mission. For this, we can rely on many years of experience in environmental and sustainability issues. Through the years, we have built up large network of interdisciplinary experts in a variety of fields. It is precisely this combination of in-depth technical and organisational know-how, paired with detailed industry knowledge and consulting expertise, which distinguishes Tauw from other consultants in sustainability.


Our sustainable solutions

An example of how at Tauw we think practically about a clean and sustainable environment is our plastic waste catcher. Tauw Shore Liner is an innovative tool to reduce plastic soup in ports.

Questions about sustainable development?

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