Today’s challenges



Sustainability is both a worry and a way out. The past few years have shown us how vulnerable our economy is to change. Unstable weather conditions and lack of biodiversity severely affect the availability of our natural resources. A minor occurrence anywhere in the world can disrupt our production chains. That interdependency has been made worse by the war in Ukraine. Fossil fuels and other raw materials have become scarce. We are scrambling to find alternatives in sustainable energy, but our power grid infrastructure is not yet equipped to deal with the growing demand. Last year inflation doubled and prices soared. And with many households struggling to pay the monthly bills, there is increasing social discontent and a reluctance to invest in – often costly – measures to transition to sustainable forms of human activity.

And yet we believe passionately that sustainability is our way out of this vulnerable situation. It is something we have embedded in our mission statement – we strive for a world in which human activity is in harmony with the physical living environment. Our commitment aligns with the European and global objectives for 2050 and 2030 as set down in the Paris Climate Accord, the European Green Deal and the Montreal Protocol. We work tirelessly to reduce our footprint to keep up with – or rather stay one step ahead of – the Paris goals. But TAUW’s impact on sustainability is far greater through its consultancy work for clients. That is what we refer to as our handprint. TAUW is committed to supporting its public and private sector clients on their journey to 2050. It’s how we will increase our handprint.

For many clients, TAUW is a valuable partner for the redevelopment of areas and in TRIS and compliance services. Those are the times at which major investment decisions have to be taken. Naturally, those decisions must be in line with current legislation and regulations, but they should also be future proof. Through our Sustainability Program, TAUW is investing in the ability to advise our clients on a feasible and tangible route to 2050.

But we cannot do that alone. In a heated labour market where it is harder to recruit engineering professionals, we will need to find other collaborative forms and harness our network of partners and peers. So TAUW will continue to develop and adapt to help tackle the challenges of today for a greener tomorrow.



Contributing to the SDGs

At TAUW, we adhere to the five pillars of sustainability: People, Planet, Prosperity, Partnerships and Peace. It defines what we do in our daily work. In the section Our solutions we explain the measures we took last year to further reduce our ecological footprint in the workplace, by adapting our travel behaviour and handling of the materials and energy we use on the projects we are engaged in. But we can, and do, more than that.
Our handprint is our greatest means of making an impact. We help our clients reduce their footprint on the environment. Our objective as European Environmental Engineering Consultancy is to promote sustainability in every service we provide. We encourage everyone at TAUW to find sustainable solutions by innovative techniques and we help them in their professional development.
In 2022 we conducted a materiality analysis, to examine our footprint but mainly our handprint. Based on that analysis, we chose the following points of focus, as the areas where we want to become stronger and in which we want to lead our clients to 2030 and 2050: biodiversity, living environment, vital soil as natural capital, climate change (adaptation and mitigation) and circular economy paths, digitisation and innovation.


Sustainability is our business


Sustainability Director: Jacolien Eijer - De Jong



As  Leading European Environmental Engineering Consultancy, the service TAUW provides is, by its very nature, strongly linked to sustainability. However, we have increased that focus by a Sustainability Program initiated in 2018.  With Jacolien Eijer- de Jong as Sustainability director, sustainability is now, in 2022,  firmly embedded at management level.

Under this initiative, TAUW will be a convincing and visible partner in the field of sustainability. In order to contribute to sustainability at European level, country coordinators have been established in every TAUW country. In those countries we will use the Roadmap to 2050 as a benchmark for our service, ensuring that our consultancy to clients is future proof. We are working to make our existing services as sustainable as possible and are developing new services that fit in with technological developments and policy developments which we will monitor closely. We will continue to be proactive and apply our knowledge and expertise to finding innovative solutions for our clients, helping them prepare for that future situation.


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