“In transactions, trust is key”

Understanding and determining potential environmental and health and safety liabilities in your business is crucial at any time, but especially when dealing with mergers or acquisition. Do we comply with regulatory requirements? Are our licenses and permits in place? Is our business sustainable? These questions require answers prior to a transaction.

That’s where Tauw comes in: we take worries away and provide answers. We guide investors, multinationals, industry, real estate developers, pension funds and others through the entire transaction process, based on expertise and mutual trust.

When it comes to Transactions, we offer two lines of services: Environmental Due Diligence (EDD) and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG).

Environmental Due Diligence: a reality check 

In transaction processes, environmental, health, safety and sustainability aspects can harbour cost and liability risks. As regulation in this area increases, so do the risks. Therefore, EDD is highly recommended. The assessment provides your deal team with a reality check related to the (potential) business risks and consequences.   

Our EDD consists of two phases. Phase I offers insight into the paper reality. Our technical Phase I EDD approach is very much tailored to your needs. We address your demands and reflect on the size of targets and investment risks. Together we develop the scope and decide on aspects that need to be investigated.

Certain situations or risks require further investigation and analysis. That is where Phase II starts: the practical issues. In this phase, fieldwork is done to assess soil, hazardous materials such as asbestos, waste water, air pollution and more. The results of this form focal points and opportunities for improvement, for example in the field of compliance, raw materials, waste savings, and potential presence of hazardous or banned substances. Naturally, we are happy to also support the development and implementation of sustainable and innovative solutions.

ESG and Responsible Investment

In the investment market, the ESG perspective potentially delivers major contributions to the value of enterprises acquired. Hence, investors, including private equity firms, increasingly see the benefit of addressing sustainability and ESG in the context of their investments.

More and more often, customers approach us with questions concerning Environmental, Social and Governance and Responsible Investment. How do we invest responsibly? What does ESG entail? How do we effectively implement ESG or RI policy? How do we identify and manage ESG risks and opportunities in our investments?

As one of the leading providers of ESG services, we support our customers in all areas, aspects and stages of ESG integration. Our services include, but are not limited to: strategy and management consultancy, ESG and Responsible Investment policies, ESG Due Diligence, monitoring and reporting, operations consulting, and supply chain assessments.

Broader than technology, further than just today 

Our customers very much appreciate that we offer more than strategic advice. Our technical expertise is an added benefit, especially when it comes to risk assessments and integrated services. By looking at familiar issues from a different perspective, we create new views and innovative solutions. This different perspective – broader than technology, further than just today – ensures pragmatic, sustainable and feasible solutions.

Global competence, local presence

The scope of transactions often exceeds borders. We offer a worldwide service that includes extensive knowledge of environmental laws and regulations. As a founding member of the CAT Alliance we can rely on a global network of consultants in 50 countries, enabling us to quickly assist our customers worldwide, offering knowledge of local regulatory and culture.



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