Social responsibility

Our mission is our promise. Tauw wants to contribute to a better environment. We do this in our daily activities, by creating sustainable solutions, but we are also aware of our social responsibilities as a company. That’s why we support initiatives that contribute to the sustainable environment we strive for.

Tauw Foundation

In 2017, Tauw established the Tauw Foundation, which has two main objectives:  

  • To encourage and (financially) support non-profit initiatives that focus on societal impact and are in line with our mission and activities.
  • To (financially) support Tauw Group to ensure its continuity.

The Foundation’s assets come from the proceeds of the sale of Tauw shares. The proceeds are put to good use: to contribute to a better world.

Sponsor of nature education

On the local level (in the Netherlands), Tauw is committed to promoting nature education. We do this by sponsoring IVN, the Dutch institute for nature education and sustainability . Every year, we donate to IVN. These donations are used to work on a sustainable society, with the underlying idea that involvement in nature encourages sustainable action. One such action is closing the gap between children and nature. We believe that children should be able to play in a natural environment.

That’s why our professionals voluntarily devote their time and knowledge to classrooms and invest their expertise contributing to the mission of IVN. IVN is our partner when it comes to the immediate environment.

Global remediation of POP pesticides 

At the global level, we use our expertise, manpower, experience and financial resources for responsible use of pesticides.

Until the end of the 1970s, large quantities of POP pesticides were used worldwide in agriculture. This has led to the accumulation POP pesticides that have not always been properly treated and stored. As a consequence, they pose danger to both people’s health and the environment. That’s why we work on a global scale to actively detect POP pesticides and remediate the contaminated sites. Together with (local) authorities, we work on the safe storage and destruction of these toxic substances. We also provide training to governments (capacity building) in the framework of the implementation of The Stockholm Convention on POP 


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