A 3D Conceptual Site Model (CSM) is a schematic representation of the underground situation. It is a type of Building Information Modelling system (BIM) for the subsurface domain: system-oriented information management and visualisation of underground objects such as boreholes, monitoring wells, soil structure, contaminant plumes, foundations, remediation measures, cables and pipes. Relevant surface objects such as buildings, roads, lampposts and trees are added to the model to provide context.

Why use 3D CSM

Our consultants use 3D CSM to create a complete and clear visual picture of all the available information and the relationships between the different items of information. This helps clarify whether the information available is adequate for providing sound advice. ‘Knowledge gaps’ are sometimes present and additional research is required. 3D CSM has many advantages.

The added value of 3D CSM:

  • All the available information in a single overview
  • Accurate visual presentation of the situation
  • Can be combined with technical design
  • Time-linked visualisation: 3D CSM shows historical data or a simulated image of the future, e.g. the life cycle of a contaminant plume in 3D
  • Shows remediation measures and their consequences
  • Combines different types of information
  • Visualises interfaces so that they can be managed
  • Clear, low-threshold and simple
  • Support tool for communication with the competent authority and people in the area

Information about the underground situation

As our client, being able to access the available information in a 3D environment allows you to quickly identify risks and knowledge gaps in your project. Throughout the project, our consultant uses his expertise to ensure that you gain maximum benefit from the CSM and adds new information. This gives you a better understanding of the location-specific situation below the surface and the interaction with other objects. The CSM results in a richer, more uniform and clearer recommendation to you as our client.

Visual representation

We create an easily understood and clear picture of the situation by schematising a number of elements. As a result, rather than exactly corresponding to reality, the CSM provides the best possible approximation of the real situation in a schematised presentation. A 3D CSM is a visual representation of large amounts of complex information. This presentation approach makes the information easier to understand. We also make the relevant background information available by working with smart objects and linking the source data.


View one of our 3D CSM demo projects below (manual)

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