Soil investigation

The nature, cause and size of soil surveys and projects vary considerably. As do the issues that need solving. We apply our extensive experience in all kinds of soil issues, from policy to research to remediation, providing answers to questions such as:

  • When is soil investigation necessary?
  • How extensive is the soil contamination on our development site and what are the associated risks?
  • Who is responsible for the pollution on our site?
  • How do we quickly reduce contamination risks?


Related soil and groundwater services

Soil and groundwater remediation

Soil and groundwater contamination is a critical issue for human and environmental health. TAUW offers extensive experience in site-specific risk assessment and remediation technologies, both on-site, in-situ, and off-site. Our team provides guidance in all processes and offers tailored advice on a combination of management and remediation technologies, taking into account the legal aspects of soil pollution.

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Hazardous waste inventories and management

Inadequate hazardous waste storage or disposal operations can pose a serious threat to the environment and human health. At abandoned warehouses, factories, or hazardous waste storage sites, reactive and toxic chemical wastes are often stored in unsound and unsafe conditions. This can lead to serious accidents (e.g. fires and explosions). TAUW is experienced in the completion of inventories of (abandoned) hazardous and chemical waste, investigation of disposal sites, and supervision of site clean-up.

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